How to set up Your Pre-Order-Links

If you want to take pre-orders for your website- you need to set up a pre-order links. 

There are LOTS of way to set up a PRE-ORDER link, I'm just going to outline the easiest ways so you can get a link set up fast. 

I'm a BIG advocate of FREE resources. Who doesn't like FREE?  With that in mind, my first go-to is PAYPAL. 

You can set up a go to Link in Paypal for FREE- with a basic account set up:  www.Paypal.com

From the top menu go to:  Pay & Get Paid

Then under Accept Payments go to "Paypal Buttons" 

Once in PayPal Buttons- Select the "BUY NOW" - trust me- it's the easiest one!

Then following the instructions on the page: 

Choose "BUY NOW" 

Item Name will be your BOOK TITLE-  Add Pre-Order for your tracking!

Price-  for Tip Books we recommend $12.97 USD for your retail price and to offer free shipping and sales tax included (if applicable) just for pre-orders.

Do not mess with Customize Button- this adds complexity...

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4 Steps to More Pre-Orders Book Sales?

Should Your Book be Available for Pre-Ordering? 

(If you need help in setting up a Pre-Order Link- Go to Soar2SuccessPublishing.com/blog/Pre-Order-Links

In a word? ABSOLUTELY! 

From the first announcement-  "I'm writing a book!" those who love you, like you, and/or follow you will want the opportunity to pre-purchase that book you are working on. 

To generate EVEN MORE interest in your book writing process:

INVITE INPUT!  When you increase the opportunities for participation, the participants will feel invested in YOUR outcome, and are more likely to pre-purchase your new book.

Not sure on a finalized TITLE?  Post 3 options on social media or send in a Newsletter by number (1,2,3) or Letter (A, B, C).  make it EASY for someone to quickly participate.   At the bottom of the post or as the first comment add in a LINK for pre-ordering your book! 

Deciding between COVER OPTIONS?  This is another opportunity to create...

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