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The type of book that Soar 2 Success Publishing started with.  If you have 50 tips in your expertise, you can have a Tip Book in less than 90 days.

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Have the manuscript done and not sure where to turn?  Look no further than Soar 2 Success.  We'll walk you through the Publishing process.

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More than 150 pages?  Yes we can!

You provide the content, we do the rest. Let our team be YOUR team to help you get your hardcover or paperback book out in the world. 

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Why Soar 2 Success Publishing?

As an author of more than 19 published books (her book, The P.I.L.O.T. Method has sold more than 35,000 copies), founder Elizabeth McCormick saw – and met – the need for a streamlined process to help speakers and authors publish their books so they can more easily broaden their platform and become better known within their desired market and beyond.


Elizabeth’s experiences, good and bad, with other publishing companies has given her strategic insight into the industry, leading her to create the Publishing Division of Soar 2 Success. Created with the unique needs of authors, speakers, coaches, trainers, business owners, and entrepreneurs in mind, Publishing Packages have been tailored to ensure that your time, effort, and investment will be utilized in a way that makes the biggest impact possible to those you serve.


Soar 2 Success – Publishing Division provides services designed to help you publish AND market your content with ease and excellence. For more information, please visit our Publishing page.

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3rd Book in the Series just released!

Crack The Millennial Code Series: Strategies to Manage, Market to, and Motivate Millennials

Crack the Millennial Code Series, is a three book series created to help you harness the power of the largest and most influential generation — Millennials. In this series you’ll find proven strategies that will unlock a deeper understanding of just what makes a Millennial tick to empower, to overcome stereotypes and improve communication. 

Award-winning Author, Sherri Elliott-Yeary, saw that a framework was needed in which the power of understanding and acceptance of generational differences could be harnessed and put to productive use in the marketplace, workplace, communities, in everyday social life, and in the home.

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Renovation Inspiration

by Coleen Merk

Make your dream closet happen and your life will be less stressful and more organized.

Coleen Merk’s years of experience in dealing with contractors and remodeling projects helps her to understand managing a small construction project from start to finish, and how to stay calm during the renovations. Included in this book are resources and connections providing invaluable advice from visualizing what your very own dream closet might look like to making it happen!

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Our TOP New Release!

Your Image Impact

If you want to stand out, appear more professional, capture your audience’s attention and grab a consistent, memorable fist impression? Look to Karyl Eckerle’s personal branding advice in this easy to read, and simple, yet practical guide, to improving your personal and professional image immediately.

Discover the V.O.I.C.E method as YOUR answer! 

Karyl Eckerle understands the importance of creating an image that places you in front of the game with clear and simple messaging, plus support that goes beyond the pages.


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Energy Sparks by Nancy Little, PhD.

Remarkable leaders reach into their core to sustain them through both tranquil and traumatic times. Transformative leaders pursue innovative and invigorating ways to negotiate challenging circumstances while maintaining their zest for life! Dr. Nancy Little’s “little gem” contains 52 inspirational clues to sustain a manageable pace – and create more peace -- in a rapidly changing world.


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Anxiety Is Not Me offers hope and sixty practical tips for overcoming anxiety and panic attack disorder from the author’s own experience and recovery. Tawanna Anderson assists her readers in understanding, identifying and resolving issues of mental illness by revealing her own tried and true strategies. Her struggles and resolutions can be a life saver for those dealing with the agony and paralyzing effects of mental illness. If you sense that you might need help, or you are a family member, or friend of someone who does, you might find answers in this warm and readable book. The sixty tips she outlines for those suffering from anxiety, and their families, are beacons of hope from the true perspective of one who has conquered mental illness and learned to thrive.

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