Author: Coleen Merk

Renovation Inspiration: 52 Tips to Creating the GLAM CLOSET of your Dreams & Budget

Released November 2020
ISBN:  9781943043569

About Renovation Inspiration- Glam Closet

Are you frustrated with your closet? You deal with your closet every day. Unfortunately, it may not be meeting your needs.

Coleen Merk’s book, Renovation Inspiration Creating a Glam Closet of your Dreams and Budget will walk you through the process of determining where you can expand closet space, and make the space you have more functional.

Her tips for designing a practical. efficient closet space, and a glamorous one, will make your life less stressful and more organized. Coleen Merk has years of experience in dealing with contractors and renovation projects. She understands the need for managing a small construction project from start to finish, and how to stay calm throughout. Her tips include dealing with general contractors and design specialists, and sourcing products. She can guide you to discover the design elements that will boost the efficiency of your space. Included in this book are resources and connections providing invaluable advice from visualizing what your very own dream closet might look like to making it happen!

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About Coleen Merk

Coleen Merk is your Remodel Coach. An Author, Speaker, Artist and Coach, Coleen started over at the age of 60 blending her unique skills and construction experience to ease the pain of the remodeling process.

Coleen married her best friend, DK, 44 years ago.  DK, a general contractor, introduced her to the world of residential construction at the age of 19. Since then Coleen spent 14 years in corporate America, then home-schooled her now grown children and survived a move to rural Texas enjoying two horses, three dogs, and three cats.

Using her years of expertise in construction, Coleen has utilized her knowledge, tools, and resources to start over with a “fixer upper” home in the country

As renovations and construction progressed, she recognized the depth of her organizational and remodeling skills and realized how many other women may struggle with their experiences. The Renovation Inspiration book series was born from this realization.

Whether you are looking for the Move-In ready, Fixer-Upper, or Dream home you do not have to struggle. Find out more about Coleen and what she can do for you at

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