About Soar 2 Success International 

Soar 2 Success International, conceived in 2012 when rebranded from "Elizabeth McCormick Enterprises", was founded by Motivational Speaker Elizabeth McCormick with the intention of helping you go further, faster – not only in your business and career, but also in your life, as she teaches you how to F.L.Y! (Elizabeth’s copyrighted phrase: First Lead Yourself from her best-selling book The Pilot Method.)

Elizabeth published her first book, It's Not Stalking, It's Follow Up in the Soar 2 Success business series in August 2013, quickly followed by her iconic The PILOT Method in November 2013.  When her first publisher refused to pay the royalties due, Elizabeth hired legal counsel, fought and won.  (That publisher has since gone out of business.) Elizabeth realized there needed to be an AFFORDABLE and INTEGRITY based option for speakers, authors, thought leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners. At this point after having published 10+ tip books,  Elizabeth realized she had the processes in place to start her own Publishing Division to help her mentoring clients publish their books to increase their credibility, reach and impact. Soar 2 Success Publishing, a division of Soar 2 Success International,  was born in Spring of 2016. 

Since then,  Soar 2 Success Publishing has grown from specializing in Tip Books, to publishing full size books and workbooks for speakers, authors,  thought leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs and business owners. 

As a former Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot for the US Army, Elizabeth has developed the unique ability to unravel complex processes into strategically sequenced tasks for optimal results. This allows Soar 2 Success to keep the costs down and the value UP! 

Whether you need a full sized book published, ghostwritten, or publish your very own TIP BOOK (under 96 pages), or if you know you have a non-fiction book in you from your experiences or knowledge but may need some help, consider our Strategic coaching services.

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Get Your Tip Book Published

The type of book that Soar 2 Success Publishing started with.  If you have 50 tips in your expertise, you can have a Tip Book in less than 90 days.

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@100-150 Page Book Publishing

Have the manuscript done and not sure where to turn?  Look no further than Soar 2 Success.  We'll walk you through the Publishing process.

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More than 150 pages?  Yes we can!

You provide the content, we do the rest. Let our team be YOUR team to help you get your hardcover or paperback book out in the world. 

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What our Authors Say:

"Working with this team has been an amazing process. When we called we had a general idea of what we wanted but no practical knowledge of how to translate our idea into a book.
The Soar 2 Success Publishing team took the time to walk us through every step of the process with professionalisms and care for our fragile egos :) 
Our dreams have become a reality. 
Thank you Elizabeth and her team for the big things and the million little things we had no idea how to manage."
TaWanna Anderson, First time Author

What our Authors Say:


Amelia "Mimi" Brown- has published 3 books with Soar 2 Success and is working on her 4th!